Project 1 Proposal

A genre is a category one uses to classify a type of work. We use genres mainly to organize types of work and associate them with types of work that are similar to it. Genres are really helpful in setting expectations and acquiring the appropriate/intended audience.  Something that has always confused me about genre is that it is not always easy to classify a work into a genre- I have noticed this especially with music genres. The line between two types of music can be very thin, but at the same time, two songs in the same genre can sound completely different. Since music is something I am very passionate about, I would love to learn more about how these genres can be defined. For this reason, the artifact I will be analyzing is the album, I Love It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It, by The 1975. It is such a great album and the lead singer, Matty Healy has a very interesting perspective on genres in the music industry as well.


Week 1 Blog

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Delaney Fanning and I am a freshman student attending Florida State University taking ENC 2135, a class that studies research, genre, and context. In this class I am required to keep and update a blog once a week. I imagine this is a way to document what I have learned from the class and reflect on the assignments as the course progresses.

I define writing as a collection of thoughts translated into something that someone else can read and understand. Writing is used to entertain, inform, or persuade a particular audience. Writing, to me, is the most formal, definitive, and permanent way to communicate. I feel like once something is written down, it becomes important.