Blog Post 11

In this class I learned to better understand genre and context and how to apply that to my writing and analysis of reading. I explored genre and context throughout the papers I had to write for this class and each one helped me further master the information. Some of the more challenging things I faced in this class was focused on the research aspects for my projects. After I learned from these challenges I can take these skills to other classes I take in my college career and apply them to things I learn later on. This class helped me better understand how to conduct research, how to evaluate sources, and how to write in order to effectively appeal to my intended audience.

For future ENC 2135 students I would just recommend doing the readings because they really help in understanding the material presented in class and it also helps compose the projects assigned. I feel like you were a great teacher and I really appreciated your help especially with getting me on track for the second and third projects when I was lost.


Blog post 10

Audience is the group of people a genre is intended for. When I think of audience, I think of listeners, readers, viewers, and any other way to describe a person that is experiencing a work. I almost perceive audiences as its own genre of people.

The audiences of my composition are mainly any person who listens to alternative music. This type of audience spans all ages, because it covers alternative music from its roots in the 1960’s and also today. These people would listen to alternative music and probably take part in alternative culture/ counterculture. I feel like the composition for this project would get the most engagement with the Spotify playlists. A lot of people that like alternative music are always looking for more underground artists they haven’t yet heard of. Or maybe they are just trying to get more into classic alternative music and don’t know where to begin. That’s why my playlists will include all different subgenres that are involved in both classical and alternative music. For the twitter posts where I share the playlists, I feel like it will not get as much interaction because the audience on twitter is almost exclusively teenagers & young adults- I wouldn’t get much interaction with an older audience like I would on Spotify.

This tells me that even entire social media platforms have audiences and that determines the media that gets posted there.

Week 7

So far in this English class I have written my first essay. I have learned the definition of genre and what it implies. It helps categorize different works and types of media. One thing that has been emphasized a lot over the course of this class is MLA format and proper citations. I had already learned how to properly cite sources in previous English classes so it was a little redundant but I understand that it is very important to know how to properly cite sources. What I’ve really enjoyed about this class is that we have a lot of freedom to write about what interests us.

I’m actually pretty excited for this next paper- the researched essay, because im writing it on a topic for something I’m passionate about- alternative music. So far, I have completed my annotated bibliography and my first draft completed. I’m feeling really confident that this paper will be a lot more organized and thought out because of the extra planning unneeded to have completed- especially with the work I have completed with my annotated bibliography. I feel like this extra step has helped organize my thoughts on the topic and shaped my rough draft.

Post 6

When it comes to school papers, my writing strategy includes being a gusher and an eeker. When I write down a rough plan of how I format my essay, I just write everything I know about the topic of the paragraph I am planning. But, when it comes to my second and final drafts, I am an eeker. Every sentence is mapped out to completion in my head before it is translated to print. This makes it easy for me to write out everything correctly the first time around and avoid confusion or errors. This is the strategy I used for project one and it was helpful.

I feel like this strategy works for me very well and will help me while writing my second paper for this class. However, due to the fact that I am an eeker for the majority of the writing process, it is going to take a long time to write out my final draft. I am a perfectionist, and this is how my writing process will always be. But when it comes to long papers like this one, it will help me not overlook some small formatting mistakes that  a gusher might make. Being an eeker will also help me advise others on their papers in peer reviews.

Week 4 Part 2

I feel like I was already fully aware of the topic I wanted to write about for the research paper before Tuesday’s class in the library. I feel like the trip was useful, however, in helping me understand how to find diverse resources to aid me with my research paper.

The research question I have chosen to explore in my second English paper is: “How did alternative music begin, and how has it changed over time?” I would enjoy writing about this because alternative music is something I am passionate about and would enjoy learning more. I feel like there would be many resources in the library to help me get the information I need to answer the question as well.

Week 4

One of my main interests is music. It is something I am very influenced by and I even hope to find work in the music industry one day. Specifically, I am interested in alternative/ indie/ grunge/ rock music. Because of this, I feel like it would be fun for me to look into how this type of music came to be. It couldn’t have just appeared out of nowhere, it had to have been inspired by bands from a broader genre. I want to look into what bands and influences created this genre into what we hear today on alternative radio. Additionally, I want to know what classifies a sound or a band as alternative. In my research paper, I can explore these questions and find a deeper understanding of the music I love.

According to , alternative music has very early 1960’s influences in bands like The Velvet Underground and MC5, but later on, in the 1980’s, the term “alternative music” was just a term to classify a band in the underground rock scene. By the 1990’s “alternative music” was a genre that was accepted by mainstream audiences who enjoyed guitar- based rock that was inspired by punk and metal. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam were credited with popularizing the alternative sound and further influencing the genre to this day. The genre of alternative has recently been redefined to incorporate most current mainstream rock music.

Week 2 Blog

The three types of rhetorical situations are narrative, persuasive, and informative.

An example of a narrative genre is a television series like Stranger Things. The series tells a story of how a kid goes missing and his friends fight dark spirits from another dimension to save him. This genre aims to entertain the audience. (

Examples of a persuasive genre can be found in the campaign videos/commercials for the upcoming presidential election. The purpose of these advertisements is to convince the audience to cast their votes in favor of a particular candidate. (

Examples of the informative genre are found in articles online from websites like These articles share information that a large majority of the younger demographic is interested in.