Blog Post 11

In this class I learned to better understand genre and context and how to apply that to my writing and analysis of reading. I explored genre and context throughout the papers I had to write for this class and each one helped me further master the information. Some of the more challenging things I faced in this class was focused on the research aspects for my projects. After I learned from these challenges I can take these skills to other classes I take in my college career and apply them to things I learn later on. This class helped me better understand how to conduct research, how to evaluate sources, and how to write in order to effectively appeal to my intended audience.

For future ENC 2135 students I would just recommend doing the readings because they really help in understanding the material presented in class and it also helps compose the projects assigned. I feel like you were a great teacher and I really appreciated your help especially with getting me on track for the second and third projects when I was lost.


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