Blog post 10

Audience is the group of people a genre is intended for. When I think of audience, I think of listeners, readers, viewers, and any other way to describe a person that is experiencing a work. I almost perceive audiences as its own genre of people.

The audiences of my composition are mainly any person who listens to alternative music. This type of audience spans all ages, because it covers alternative music from its roots in the 1960’s and also today. These people would listen to alternative music and probably take part in alternative culture/ counterculture. I feel like the composition for this project would get the most engagement with the Spotify playlists. A lot of people that like alternative music are always looking for more underground artists they haven’t yet heard of. Or maybe they are just trying to get more into classic alternative music and don’t know where to begin. That’s why my playlists will include all different subgenres that are involved in both classical and alternative music. For the twitter posts where I share the playlists, I feel like it will not get as much interaction because the audience on twitter is almost exclusively teenagers & young adults- I wouldn’t get much interaction with an older audience like I would on Spotify.

This tells me that even entire social media platforms have audiences and that determines the media that gets posted there.


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