Week 7

So far in this English class I have written my first essay. I have learned the definition of genre and what it implies. It helps categorize different works and types of media. One thing that has been emphasized a lot over the course of this class is MLA format and proper citations. I had already learned how to properly cite sources in previous English classes so it was a little redundant but I understand that it is very important to know how to properly cite sources. What I’ve really enjoyed about this class is that we have a lot of freedom to write about what interests us.

I’m actually pretty excited for this next paper- the researched essay, because im writing it on a topic for something I’m passionate about- alternative music. So far, I have completed my annotated bibliography and my first draft completed. I’m feeling really confident that this paper will be a lot more organized and thought out because of the extra planning unneeded to have completed- especially with the work I have completed with my annotated bibliography. I feel like this extra step has helped organize my thoughts on the topic and shaped my rough draft.


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