Post 6

When it comes to school papers, my writing strategy includes being a gusher and an eeker. When I write down a rough plan of how I format my essay, I just write everything I know about the topic of the paragraph I am planning. But, when it comes to my second and final drafts, I am an eeker. Every sentence is mapped out to completion in my head before it is translated to print. This makes it easy for me to write out everything correctly the first time around and avoid confusion or errors. This is the strategy I used for project one and it was helpful.

I feel like this strategy works for me very well and will help me while writing my second paper for this class. However, due to the fact that I am an eeker for the majority of the writing process, it is going to take a long time to write out my final draft. I am a perfectionist, and this is how my writing process will always be. But when it comes to long papers like this one, it will help me not overlook some small formatting mistakes that  a gusher might make. Being an eeker will also help me advise others on their papers in peer reviews.


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