Week 4

One of my main interests is music. It is something I am very influenced by and I even hope to find work in the music industry one day. Specifically, I am interested in alternative/ indie/ grunge/ rock music. Because of this, I feel like it would be fun for me to look into how this type of music came to be. It couldn’t have just appeared out of nowhere, it had to have been inspired by bands from a broader genre. I want to look into what bands and influences created this genre into what we hear today on alternative radio. Additionally, I want to know what classifies a sound or a band as alternative. In my research paper, I can explore these questions and find a deeper understanding of the music I love.

According to http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Alternative_Rock , alternative music has very early 1960’s influences in bands like The Velvet Underground and MC5, but later on, in the 1980’s, the term “alternative music” was just a term to classify a band in the underground rock scene. By the 1990’s “alternative music” was a genre that was accepted by mainstream audiences who enjoyed guitar- based rock that was inspired by punk and metal. Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam were credited with popularizing the alternative sound and further influencing the genre to this day. The genre of alternative has recently been redefined to incorporate most current mainstream rock music.


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